What is the best time to visit the Hunter Valley? Activities, weather, information and more.


Are you looking to visit the Hunter Valley at the perfect time of year? Find out more things to do in the Hunter Valley based on price, weather, information on activities, some of the best wineries, cellar doors and more.


It’s hard to pick just one season, as they all have different experiences to offer so it can be a tough decision to decide when you’d like to visit the Hunter Valley.


We can help you narrow down your choices by showcasing some of the activities on offer and weighing up the costs of travelling in various seasons.

Best time to visit the Hunter Valley


      • Autumn

        The Autumn months (March to May) is definitely the most popular time to visit the Hunter Valley as temperatures are reasonable and there is less rainfall. It's also the best time when the weather is optimal to visit and explore the surrounds of the Hunter Valley gardens.

        During this time, vines are given a break from the stressful months of fruit bearing over the Summer harvest period. Pruning begins and wineries gets prepared for the winter. Cellar doors in the Hunter Valley also get prepared, fixing up their venue so that it is ready to house a large number of guests.

        It’s a beautiful sight when grapevines show their colour on the cooler days, with orange and yellow hues before the leaves drop. A fantastic time for photographers to capture some nature shots of the Hunter Valley wineries and vineyards.


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      • Spring

        Spring means the first signs of bud burst on the vines. This is also a perfect time to visit the Hunter Valley Gardens as they will no doubt look their best at this time. View the array of spring flowers on show in between wine tastings.

        Bud Burst Spring Hunter Valley


        At this time, it’s fabulous to be in the Hunter Valley as you get to experience the hustle and bustle around wineries and breweries with activities in full swing from cellar door tours and wine tastings with the winemaker.


      • Summer

        Summer, another peak season that is popular particularly for weddings and families, and those that would like to like to visit during harvest season at the vineyards. This also makes it a perfect time to enjoy wine tasting tours, and tasting experiences. Vyne offers a number of wine tasting experiences, you can even plan your itinerary by booking a custom wine tour online.

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Vineyards in winter in the Hunter Valley


        • Winter

          Looking for things to do in the Hunter Valley during winter? It's a fabulous time for photo opportunities and nights by the fire sipping those wines from the day's wine tastings.

          During the winter, the Hunter Valley is transformed into a winterland of fog throughout the vineyards. Wine tasters are drawn to robust and full-bodied red wines at the cellar doors.

          And why not add a visit to the chocolate factory to complement all that wine tasting?

          It’s also nice to enjoy a hearty lunch meal and a visit to the Hunter Distillery for some organic vodka or liqueur is sure to warm you up on a chilly day.



All seasons have something different to offer, so don’t wait to explore some of the best wineries in the Hunter Valley. For more information, view the guide to the Hunter Valley, cellar doors, wineries and more.

Still can't decide? Explore the Hunter Valley wine map